Low Carbon Farming

Low Carbon Farming

Low Carbon Farming will this year complete the construction of two world-first, wastewater-heated greenhouses in East Anglia.

The projects, owned by Greencoat Capital, will use the UK’s largest-ever heat pumps to capture waste heat from Anglian Water’s water recycling centres and increase British tomato production by 12%, all while reducing associated carbon emissions by 75%.

The projects were brought forward under the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, now being phased out. With no successor policy in place, a pipeline of up to 41 further sites, with the potential to generate 8000 new jobs and almost 3 TWh of clean heat per annum, is currently unable to progress.

By redirecting waste heat, and in some cases carbon, to a new and useful purpose, large-scale heat pumps can be used to help decarbonise energy-intensive industries, in this case agriculture and sewage.