Image credit: Possible

Low Carbon Parks

Low Carbon Parks

Possible’s Powering Parks report shows how putting heat pumps beneath our parks and playing fields could supply enough clean heat to keep the equivalent of 5 million homes warm.  

This would save a massive 8 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year, helping us to tackle climate change, improve air quality and generate income for councils and park authorities to re-invest locally.

Possible have been working with Hackney council and energy experts Scene to investigate installing heat pumps in the borough’s parks to provide heat to nearby buildings. They looked at all the parks and green spaces in the borough and found the sites where a heat pump would work best. One of those was Abney Park, where a heat pump will keep the new cafe and classroom warm.

Based on what they learned, the company are now developing a toolkit so that other parks authorities can follow in Hackney’s footsteps and start their own park heat projects. But that’s only going to be possible if there is government support for large scale heat pumps.