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Low Carbon Schools

Low Carbon Schools

In the past 3 years, ReEnergise Projects Ltd has seen a marked increase in enthusiasm for low-carbon heat projects within UK schools, spurred on by the Greta Thunberg effect and growing student awareness of the egregious effects of Climate Change. The company’s pipeline of low-carbon heat projects has soared from around 1MW in 2017 to over 20MWs at the start of this year, including famous names like Bedales and St George’s College, Weybridge.

Updates to the RHI provided the business case game-changer. Without a suitable replacement, the projects simply will not happen.

Moreover, those schools in a position to race to complete their projects before the RHI ends now face additional pressures associated with short-term disruption from Covid-19.

Enthusiasm to decarbonise heat in the schools sector is real and strongly supported by the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association.  It should be nurtured, not killed.